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Treating Aches, Pains and Injuries

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Jay Moore is an ex armed forces para-commando, physical training and rehabilitation instructor. From his private practice located in the heart of Birmingham, in the leafy suburb of Edgbaston, Jay offers a multi-disciplined solution to your problem. With over fourteen year’s experience and a veteran of numerous tours of duty in Afghanistan,

Jay treats modern busy people with musculoskeletal aches and pains, sporting and non-sporting injuries, chronic and acute tension, as well as improving mobility and speeding up recovery after exercise or surgery.

Many of us struggle with discomfort and pain that affects our mobility, mood and general wellbeing – very often coping in silence for long periods of time.

It could be:

      • Neck, shoulder or back pain caused by tension, work-related activity (or inactivity) or posture
      • Sciatica or trapped nerves
      • Joint pain and sports-related injuries

But, with the right help, pain could become a thing of the past.

As an expert sports and clinical therapist, Jay has helped hundreds of clients including Olympic athletes and premier league football players, and FA officials improve their overall health and wellbeing and achieve a pain-free lifestyle resulting in a better quality of life.

Whatever the symptom, Jay’s tailored treatment can help you with the initial recovery and prevention of further problems by pinpointing the underlying cause and creating a personalised plan to address it.

By working with Jay, you’re investing in your present and future health which will provide you with quality of life and longevity in the activities you enjoy.