About Jay


Jay served in the Armed Forces as a para-commando for ten years and completed numerous tours of duty in Afghanistan and various postings around the world.

One of Jay’s roles whilst serving was as a rehabilitation instructor working with servicemen and women with a variety of injuries and conditions, from general aches and pains through to amputees.

Jay’s own personal pain journey ensures a lot of empathy and he understands the frustrations of living with pain that impacts on your daily living and lifestyle. One frustration for Jay was not having a diagnosis or solution for his injury. Having worked with servicemen and women required to be consistently at peak performance and energy, he knows what it takes to assess, treat and restore individuals to enable them to truly maximise their potential.

Suffering with severe shin pain that led to numbness in both legs, followed by sciatica and back pain caused by a prolapsed disc which resulted in emergency surgery, Jay fought his way back to fitness.

After leaving the armed forces, Jay continued his research and training in sports therapy and injury rehabilitation to build his own unique, multi-disciplinary solutions to help others relieve and prevent activity and illness-related pain and injury.

His vast knowledge, skills and experience are now sought after by private patients including Olympians and premier league footballers as well as those with physically demanding careers such as emergency service personnel and company Managing Directors and CEOs of FTSE 250 companies.

Working with Jay doesn’t mean you need to go on to climb a mountain; it could be that you are better able to live your daily life without pain or restricted movement.

Jay is also an active networker with extensive contacts in a wide range of professions, making him an excellent catalyst, bringing trusted businesses together.

This added value is of great benefit to clients as Jay becomes the “go-to guy” for the right connections. It shows Jay is a trustworthy, reliable and well-connected individual and capable of helping people in their time of need.